Which Minerals to mine?

Hello Eve Online player, I like mining in my Venture in Hi Sec. How do I select the mineral with the most profit? Is there a Site or app that show the current prices of the minerals? What do you suggest?
Also I tried to upgrade my mining laser but the strip miner I bought will not fit to the venture. When I selected it the window in the upper left said I had the skill training, etc. to work in my venture
I am sure I am doing something wrong. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
I am currently using two LVL2 miners. What is the upgrade path for mining lasers in the Venture.
Thanks you for any advise.
Much appreciated!!!

"V"enture should mine the "V"eldspar only. It’s Your way to the "V"ictory.

The market price on minerals and their derived processes are pretty low now.

It’s not just the minerals, it’s getting someone to buy it at a profitable price (and then net of taxes and fees).

@Raymundi_Lemmont - is this the sort of thing you are looking for: https://www.fuzzwork.co.uk/ore/

Generally you can’t go far wrong with Veldspar in high sec - a full Venture ore hold of Veldspar is worth about 750,000 ISK depending on the market.
Veldspar is the main source of Tritanium (“trit”) which is one of the main minerals and used in large quantities. It’s generally only available in hi-sec space. Hence the demand, which is good for prices.

People knock mining - especially as a starting point. I still mine in hi-sec, though I’ve many more profitable income sources. There’s a pleasant cadence to it that I find relaxing. It’ll never make you a fortune, but it’s a good way to bootstrap yourself.

Unfortunately, in a Venture “the most profit” is far away from much profit, even in a wormhole.

For Strip Miners, you have to train Mining Barges like the Procurer, which can only be used by Omega chars, btw.
Alternatively Expedition Frigates (also Omega required) are fun, if you like the Venture. I do some Lowsec mining in an Endurance - it can only fit one mining laser (and no Strip Miner), but has a spectacular yield.

Someone is not up to date.
In the wormhole you have no more trit and mercoxit. The wormhole is the worst place where you would mine.

This is what the belts look like in the wormhole.

I like the wh ore, but you need big ships and scouts :wink:
It’s just something special to have some Bistot in your store if you’re used to Veldpar.
But actually I think about mining in Povchen, that sounds like being El Dorado.

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Good advice for you here @Raymundi_Lemmont.

I tend to agree with @Terak_Romaller here. Mining can be quite a mediative activity and if that what you like it’s quite enjoyable. I tend you use the headspace that inning gives me to chat on the things like B4R, Rookie Help Chat and to even write posts here.

I’ll email you in the game about some other stuff and send you some pointers.


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Thanks for the reply. I agree on the relaxing aspect of mining. I love the simplicity of the task and being alone in the my little part of the universe.

Thank you.

Exactly what I was looking for…Thanks for the link.

Where are you finding 750k isk for a Venture load of V?

A Venture only holds 5,000 units. Best price in all of Eden (as of now) is 17. Do the math and the load is only worth $85k isk (before taxes, fees).

Is it better to sell the raw ore?

Or, to process it and sell the elements therefrom?

Well, do the math with correct parameters: A Venture holds 5000 m^3, which is 50’000 units of Veldspar. So 750k ISK is correct.

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If you’re going to sell the raw ore, make sure that you compress it first because it’ll sell for a higher price if you do (and it’ll also be easier to move).

If you’re going to refine it you want to make sure that your skills are top notch so that you can maximise the yield.

Or alternatively look for a corporation to join with industrial specialists who have all their refining skills maxed out. (hint: My corp is recruiting right now …)


A Venture has a 5,000m3 ore hold.
A unit of Veldspar is 0.1m3 (I suspect you forgot this step - the hold size is m3, not “units” and different ores have different volumes).
Therefore a full hold is 50,000 units of Veldspar.

Veldspar is currently a buy price of 15 ISK per unit.
50,000 units @ 15 ISK each is 750,000 ISK.

Sell or Reprocess?
That heavily depends on your skills and where you are reprocessing. I doubt that unless you have access to a good refinery and have a high skill level for refining Veldspar that you can make a profit on refining what you have mined.

And @Pierre_de_Bricassart got there first…


Thanks. Still new on the storage math. :wink:

How do you compress it?

Basically you need to look for a player owned station that has this as an available option to pilots who dock.

You can call up the info on what is around you in terms of player owned structures by opening up the structure browser window in the game and then using the drop down menus along the top edge to filter what you’re looking at - compression comes under the Service Filter dropdown menu, the Reprocessing Plant checkbox.