Is mining a dead venture?

Ok so just a thought, I spend a fare amount of time mining and I enjoy it.
Anyway the last few weeks I have seen the prices drop across the board on various Ores.
The price of Veldspar is laughable right now and I don’t see it getting better. That being said,

If the prices are going down but the time and risk spent to mine it isn’t going down . . . what is the point?

I really don’t feel like spending 2 hours of my time in a belt if I am making half of what I used to.
kind of pointless.
any thoughts on whether or not prices will go back up?


I like moon mining my self. Moon goo has risen considerately. Then getting the ore to be made into t2 ammo or ships. Industry just doesn’t stop at simply mining/selling ore.


Q: Is mining a dead Venture?

A: Only if it involves gankers.




because prices were insanely high for a while current prices seem low. however, the regular mineral content of larger ships has been dramatically reduced so naturally the prices are moving back to lower levels. isk per hour mining is generally better on moons and minerals like mercoxit. the higher value stuff generally in NULL space. Perhaps you should find a corp that will give you a try. if you like it, stay and be part of the team.

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Well I hope these prices aren’t going to be the norm because we are really taking a bath.
Also ccp should really consider fixing the estimated pricing feature in the inventory window as it almost reads 60% the value of said Ore.
Right now I am looking at an estimated 678mill and on Eve Appraisal is giving me 443mill buy value and 602 sell value. This is disturbing considering a Gallon of milk costs 700,000 isk.

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Actually currently veldspar is the most valuable HS ore. Anyway, mining is in a really bad shape, the isk/hour dropped considerably with messing the production recipies, I am aware that mineral prices rise when the update news came in, but current prices are -30% compared to the prices before news. I don’t see how this will change in the future, but the demand side shrunk by a lot, I assume because of more limited capital production.

The next economy reports stat on manufacturing volume will be really interesting.

They’re going to nerf all the mining ships soon too.

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Demand is prob lower than normal too. Prices spikes as everyone was trying to get allot of their builds in before the bp chnages came into force. The ecom dev blog shows end of may end product manufactoring was tanking.

From a height of 6t in one day and a 4.25t average per day for april. to 2t mid may (end of data).

And with it in the air where prices will stabilise after the mineral price surge. I wouldnt be suprised if players are waiting for new equilibrium to form.


the problem is that it seems that you do mining to earn isks. And if isks/h ratio decreases, you are unhappy.
Do what you like, because you have fun. If you like mining, go for it, but not solely for the isks. Eve is not a job. If you like ratting, explo, abyssal, pvp etc that’s the same.
Prices change due to changes in offer/supply and also speculation, stockpiles, market manipulation etc. CCP won’t fix anything. This is a sandbox.


Yes, and CCP Rattati is still planning on a big mining ship nerf in the next quadrant.

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what do you mean nerf? What do you think they will nerf? cargo cap?

If Rattati sticks with his current concepts, mining drone use will be dramatically reduced or removed.

EDIT: this is specifically for Orcas and Rorquals, potentially on Porpoises just to be consistent.

Orcas, Porpoises, and Rorquals will no longer be able to be used for mining, period.

I’m sure all mining ships will have their mining ability nerfed heavily, and ships like the Procurer and Orca will definitely have their tanks nerfed to almost nothing because CCP always caters to the gankers over everyone else.



And I agree with the rest of your post. Also it’s not just mining that’s been nerfed, ratting, mission running, exploration, manufacturing, etc have all been hit hard as well.

I’m reminded of a verse from Sammy Hagar’s song ‘I can’t drive… 55’.

What use to take 2 hours, now takes all day…


Does CCP remaining ideas are Dead ideas?

It comes from an extra fancy cow.

Where did you find that out?

The point is just to enjoy yourself. Eve is a fun way to forget about the problems of RL for a little while. There is no real “risk” because this is only a sci-fi universe. If you lose a ship, just mine and sell ore any buy another.

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It was sarcasm meaning everything in Eve is expensive to begin with.

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My bait Procurer will be no more ;(
Sad story.
Well if the materials needed to produce stuff will remain the same, while mining capabilities nerfed, I guess you will be left to buy stuff with PLEX. Since it will become nightmare to replace things.