Minerals market question

Hi, simple question: the price of all minerals increased around February 12th, how/why did that happen?

I started playing only a couple of weeks ago so I have no idea, my only clue is the February patch note about the reduction of materials in asteroids, but the rise seems rather abrupt and I was wondering wether there was something else going on.

I am not interested in the minerals market per se, I am just curious about the mechanics behind price changes because i’d love to humbly make my way to the 1.5b to buy 500 Plex while I build up my skills.

I believe that was either when they changed, or when they announced the change to what ores and how many of them are in nullsec anomalies. Less of some ore, and much less of other types of ore. I think they also mentioned there would be another change to moon ore coming up at a later point, which has now also happend. Someone with more expertise in this area might be able to tell you more, but figured Id throw in a quick reply.

Basically CCP starved the game of ores by factor of 300 (read it somewhere). Hence. Lower supply resulting to higher prices.

CCP initiated a plan to introduce scarcity and dynamic redistribution of basic resources back in December. We’re currently in phase 3 of the scarcity phase and mineral prices have increased roughly 60%. Some of that is anticipatory - there are massive stockpiles so no real scarcity yet.

If you mine, you are getting paid a lot more for the time and effort you invest than you were last year. Not only are you earning more ISK but ISK itself is increasing in value. A lot of people look at PLEX and say the price is falling but the real world value of PLEX hasn’t changed - what’s changed is the in game value of ISK.

Thank you all for explaining,
it really makes me want to delve more into the game! Are there any other sources that i can use to keep an eye on these large scale trends, other than patch notes?

Eve Online has tons of Youtube videos daily. sort by upload date, market, trade, or whatever you researching.

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