Commodity Product Prices

Hi, All!

Been playing on and off for more than a decade. Always playing in the background but I had to stick to just training for the past 3 years due to RL endeavors. Now coming back I realize the prices of commodities dropped recently. What are the causes of this? I have some in stock and I don’t know if I should off load them for some isk or sit on them for some time. I have some robotics, mech parts and superconductors. Thank you, fellow gamers!


A few reasons, too much P4 flooding the market from people switching to this income way as other sources got nerfed, many citadels, towers and other buildings get destroyed, salvaged, recycled, much less citadels are build these times. Forgot one: moon mining end in highsec.

Actually prices are now going back to where they were before citadels.

I see. I appreciate summarizing it for me.

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