Market Stability

Hey There follow capsulears. This is not a rant of any sort just looking for a bit of expertiece from people that live and breath this part of the game.
Since i resumed playing for the past motnh and a half things were really “stable” and somewhat predictbale/reliable. I am a simple miner whit a Hulk/Orca and i am not after the billions just want to get by and enjoy the game.
Unfortuantely for the past now 2 weeks Market Prices seems have collapsed imensly and i am very curious to know what happened and if this is going to be the new norm? Some of the Moon Ore prices are getting closer to standard Asteroid Belts ores and i am not sure would this last?
I am aware that the new compression mechanics have had a huge impact due to easier to haul / and more efficeint to mine. But is there anything else perhaps happening? Perhaps the upcomming Industry changes?
I am only curious to know what could have caused this turmoil as its onot only ore prices but a lot of goods have just had a sudden change in prices.


I haven’t paid attention to market prices, but I would expect the recent buffs to mining yield, buffs to compression and buffs to barge and exhumer survivability to lead to an increased amount of ore supply on the markets, and therefore a lower price for ores.

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To define, they made base materials compressible and cheap to move to markets. They buffed mining.

This resulted in a price collapse of anything built from these materials.

Now their ship should spontaneously randomly explode when at warp due to compression cascade failure.

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