The Future of Inflation, Velocity, Mineral Price Indexes

I’m by no means a subject matter expert on the topics of the EVE market but I am becoming increasingly concerned with the future markets in the upcoming months.

What are we going to see in the future?
Market crashes?
What will happen when Null-sec alliances be able to pick and choose what minerals they mine with the new Mineral Arrays?

I want to invest my isk but nothing as of now seems like a good investment without potentially loosing billions of isk. I’ve not seen any doom posting on the fourms or on the reddit. I’m theorizing the hyper isk inflation is going to slow/stop price changes in all majority markets but I’m unsure.

Just because someone who themselves claims to have little expertise in the market can’t find good investments in no way means that the market is in poor health or is going to crash. I wouldn’t be so quick to blame everything on the state of the market, if people are buying and people are selling, there is ISK to be made, and if you can’t find it that’s on you.

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