Market Crash?

It appears like there is a market crash going on in player manufactured goods. The rate of decline appears to be great enough that I have several products that were showing a profit to market when I started an 18 hours build job that were at a loss when the job finished (these are not super low margin builds). Given that the December MER showed negative isk growth due to isk delta (players leaving the game), it seem that we have had a deflationary market crash due to lack of demand. The dropoff started yesterday, seems to be demand sid,e and is wide ranging in markets with a number of different inputs.

My immediate thoughts are that the market was poised to take a dive and that political instability in the US cut down active numbers in those TZs slightly, which snowballed.

Well it’s not a good sign for the game, the question is if this is going to become a wipeout over the weekend or if higher player numbers will see a rebound.

The world is ending. Dumping everything for a few more shekels before we all perish.

Graph Porn that actually backs up my assertions


  • Looks to me like the money supply has been trending upward at a reasonable rate for some time.
  • The money supply can be reduced by players leaving the game, but it can also be reduced by GM action (i.e. cracking down on bots and RMT). Oh, and it can also be affected by changing definitions of what an active player is, but such changes would probably be noted.
  • A better indicator of inflation/deflation is the Consumer Price Index, which appears to be holding remarkably steady.
  • Eve Offline shows that player numbers are rather stable.
  • Eve is not a real world economy. This is not to say that it bears no resemblance to real world economies, or the real world economic theories have no explanatory or predictive power over it. However, it is fundamentally different from real world economies in ways that must be accounted for when trying to come up with explanations or make predictions. Long story short, even if Eve were to experience deflation, that wouldn’t necessarily result in calamity. In fact, there have even been real world examples of deflation that didn’t result in calamity.
  • Finally, what is up with all the people falsely predicting economic collapse? In the past year alone, I’ve seen people assert that increased brokers fees, resource scarcity, and the dramatically reduced bounty isk faucet will all cause economic ruin. And now you are pointing to deflation and falling player numbers -and this is in spite of the fact that the metrics don’t actually show any significant deflation or fall in player numbers.

Most of it was because they don’t know what they’re talking about but know that the changes to the game mechanics (increased relist modification fees) will hurt their brainless playstyle. Since they don’t have anything to actual argue about other than “it’s not as easy for me anymore” they resort to clickbaity, over-sensationalized cries in hopes that CCP decides not to implement the change (lmao).

It’s idiots on the forum being idiots, nothing new.


Do I hear someone say “buy” ?


The ore I mine is free, therefore anything I build is 100% profit regardless of the price I sell it for


Poe’s Law is a thing, mate.

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