The collapse of the exploration market

It seems as if the price of high-value exploration goods have crashed over the past year.

C320 has collapsed from 80k to 50k isk per unit
C540 has collapsed from 100k to 45k isk per unit

Drone transceivers have collapsed from 2.5m to 1m isk per unit.
Enhanced ward consoles have collapsed from 7m to 4.5m isk per unit.
Intact armor plates have collapsed from 7.5m to 5m isk per unit.

So in general, exploration income has fallen close to 50%. Any ideas why? Volume seems to have stayed the same, according to evemarketer, so it seems like there is an oversupply. So where is this oversupply coming from? Bots?

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Invoking bots is not necessary to explain it. Exploration goes from a niche to common career as you tell your friends how rich you’re getting and supply naturally increases.


No, in J-Space you don’t find bots.
Imho the price drop for fullerite gas is the result of the T3C nerf of 2018 and the following introduction of Triglavian vessels.
It’s simply to much gas in the market, cos no one fly a T3C anymore !

Why should I fly a blinky T3C with risk of 3-4 days skill loss if I can have a better ship for the half price without skill loss , as long I don’t need CovOps cloak.


^ ah interesting, thanks!

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The drop in t2 salvage seems to have accelerated since the broker relation update. I know a couple of big t2 rig manufacturers have taken a break. Last I heard each manufacturer was buying 30-40 bil of t2 salvage every day, so that would cause a disruption in demand and prices to fall for sure, if they are no longer buying from the market.


I would guess that the price drop is due to an increase in supply from new players doing exploration. There has been a noticeable increase in Korean players since Korean localization and maybe CCP’s new player retention efforts are bearing fruit. Exploration is a great way for new players to get started in Eve so it makes sense that higher activity would drive prices down.

Yep, you are right , we have a bunch of new players from far east, and yes they are partialy in J-Space too.
But sadly they do not compensate the drain of other wormholers or daytrippers.

Key words here. If you go to the rookie help chat for any length of time you will see multiple suggestions per day for people to try exploring wormholes as a way to make fast isk. Over time that has probably helped to lead to this change.

That’s not how “crashing” works.
Nothing crashes over the course of a year.


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Actually it does. Sometimes it even takes almost 3 years.

“The Great Depression was the most severe stock market crisis to date, with the Dow tanking 89% from its pre-crisis peak. The decline occurred over a period of about 34 months. The Great Recession saw the markets fall by 49% over a period of 16 months.”


Fact of the matter is that a crash is a sudden event.
Something is not crashing over the course of months.
That’s just abuse of the word to make it sound more dramatic.

Let’s not support this verbal abuse, okay? I’m not blaming forbes,
but I’m definitely blaming the never ending sensationalism that creeps into everything.

Think it through for yourself:

The literal definition of a crash contradicts the idea that crashes can last for months.

So you can believe forbes for using a rather dramatic sounding word that doesn’t fit …
… with people probably not realizing that it doesn’t fit …
… or you can use your own brain and accept that words have a meaning for a reason …
… and that changing that meaning isn’t actually doing anyone any good.


So the great depression wasn’t a dramatic event?

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You’re misinterpreting my comment about the wording in an article …
… as a comment about the great depression.

Are you doing this intentionally … ?

Try baiting the Lord, rather than letting him bait you.

I’m attempting to understand your flawed logic that keeps falling apart at the most cursory of inspections. So what you linked talks about the international oil market in 2016. Lets use that as an example then.

I mean if you fail at everything else and that’s all you’ve got I guess go for it, sure.

You try really hard avoiding the fact that a crash,
by definition,
which can be easily googled even in context of financial markets,
in fact,
a sudden event.

There, I’ve even split it up to make it easier for you to read.
You argue like a carebear! Are you a carebear?

I can’t help you if you’re having trouble with words, meanings and definitions …
… except for telling you when you’re wrong …
… and that’s all I can do.

You have brought up exactly zero arguments or points relevant. All you do is pointing at others using the word, without actually caring about the definition of the word and it’s meaning, which is the actual crux of the matter.

I don’t care about being right or wrong. That’s you. Feel free to keep arguing, feel free to feel like you’ve “won an argument” or something. Nothing changes that, as long as you refuse to acknowledge words, their meanings and their definitions, you’re simply always going to be wrong.

Pointing at others using the word just as wrong as you do changes nothing about it.
An actual crash is a sudden event.

Feel free to have the last word you apparently require …
… and oh boy, apparently you do. :blush:

96 bottles of beer on the wall …
… 96 bottles of beer …
… take one down …
… pass it around …
… 95 bottles of beer on the wall.


No one’s actually baiting anyone here, apparently.
Not sure if that’s actually an improvement, but whatever.


If I was wrong I would be happy to admit it. Should I post more examples of market crashes taking multiple months? Or do you want to keep comparing financial systems to automobile collisions?

Oh look, I found actual footage of the Great Recession of 2009 happening!