Small Comparison of Wormhole Gas

Some gases are more valuable than others. Is Fullerite-C72 or C50 more profitable? C72 more and is bulkier so it kind of turns out to be the same price in Jita right now. It’s kind of irritating to me, but I kind of have my list of rats to deal with in each gas site and some idea on a ranking, but it really bugs me that two of the things on the list I have are “eh, about the same.”

I think there will be more of a demand of tactical destroyers in the future, but I don’t know which one. If T3 cruiser demand increases, three tactical destroyers slightly increase in use, and one tactical destroyer is tripled in usage, this will increase the demand for components that were used to make the stuff.

Assuming my speculation is correct, (which it might not be either because I’m entirely wrong or something in new eden that would normally increase demand for T3Ds don’t due to a patch nerfing fitting), then which gas would I expect to rise in prices most? Or is it “well, it depends so if you don’t know which one, it doesn’t matter anyways?”

I compared the gas needs of a Svipul and Jackdaw and as far as I can tell from that each T3D needs the same amounts of gas. I would guess the answer would be C540 and/or C32 since they have the largest volume required.

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Thank you for your advice.

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