WH C13 w/ Null C3 C5 statics

Can i get a price check on a C13 w-space system? (rare small shattered)
Statics include Null, C3 and C5. 45+ sigs. No moons, no POSs, etc

Its impossible to anchor a POS or structure in a C13 (which is why you didn’t find any), while still valuable to get a simple entrance to, it would need a very specific buyer.

Yes, i know. Just making sure any potential buyer knows it’s not a PI producing system. It’s main revenue potential is the +200% small weapon damage, +100% armor, -50% sig radius, which allows T3 destroyers to crush the sleepers with 2k+ dps builds. ultra fast blue loot farming, with an accelerated respawn rate on signatures. >200M isk per respawn cycle. mining nodes are mostly useless although they do contain arkanor, bistot etc only mining frigates can enter, and ore hauling logitics are painful. Relic and data sites are plentiful, same with gas.

question: can you anchor secure containers? and mobile depos? and live out of that, in theory?

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