WTB C2 with Static C3/Low

Send me a mail in game to Jin Jemai if you have something.

Looking for a C2

No structures are required (though can be considered), looking for good PI as well.

Wh for sale C3 w/ LowSec Static
POCO 0% tax build up to P4
Structures already in place in wh for defense and PvE operations like moon mining
Freighter and unfit rorqual included in purchase.
5 rolling ships
Sub cap bash/defense fleet
Orca + Mining fleet
Multiple Scanning Frigates
Several months of fuel for Structures

Send mail for offers
Starting @ 45b
Buyout open ?
Fittings for structures will be shared on deposit of half of purchase price, no 3rd parties.


Is it only a LowSec Static? I required a C3 static as well.

Also, that point doesn’t really matter either because I’m not paying that much because I don’t need any of that stuff.

IIRC there isnt any C3 with C3/low statics. Correct me if i am wrong tho

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C3 wh’s only have a single static, not two. Only the even number classes have two statics (C2, C4, C6).

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Awesome, guess my original wish of a C2 is the only option then :smiley:

PM sent regarding possible opportunity.

http://anoik.is/systems?systemclass=c2&staticdest=c3,ls&effect=_unfiltered&shattered=_unfiltered Unless this site is wrong there are no wh’s of what you asking except a shattered wh . Correct me if i am wrong


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Well damn…I didn’t even look before I asked, kinda thought it would be a slightly common thing. Guess I’ll have to choose a little something different then.


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