WTB C2/C3 with Static C3/Low

Send me a mail in game to Jin Jemai if you have something.

I’d prefer a C2, but C3s will be considered.

No structures are required (though can be considered), looking for good PI as well.

still looking

still looking

Wrong section

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lol, maybe that explains it…derp. Thanks!

Wh for sale C3 w/ LowSec Static
POCO 0% tax build up to P4
Structures already in place in wh for defense and PvE operations like moon mining
Freighter and unfit rorqual included in purchase.
5 rolling ships
Sub cap bash/defense fleet
Orca + Mining fleet
Multiple Scanning Frigates
Several months of fuel for Structures

Send mail for offers
Starting @ 45b
Buyout open ?
Fittings for structures will be shared on deposit of half of purchase price, no 3rd parties.

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