WTS C3 - static low

Want to sell C3 WH.

It has:

  • static low

  • Raitaru fully fitted

4 x gas
2 x ice
2 x lava
1 x storm
1 x barren
1 x temperate

Great for PI.

No special effect.

Appraisal tYnX5r @ Jita 4-4 split: 2,177,106,200.00 ISK | Janice + nice pi wh β†’ asking for 3b.

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Bump !

top !

How many POCOs are Included in the price?

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I think i have 2 or 3, but the others are with low tax also. Will accept other offers if you are interested.

I’m pretty ISK poor - it’s why I want to do some WH Pi - Ratting.

Would you consider stripping everything off the Raitaru (If someone want to explode it the missiles wont do anything to stop them) - Please leave the clone Bay which should knock its value down to 1.4 Bill

I can add 100mill per POCO - If you give me a little time to gather some ISK

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1.7b with everything striped from it except the clone bay + 3 pocos, sure, i will accept that, if that is how you want it.

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