WTS C3 Wh with Raitaru and Athanor


I got a C3 with static low sec for sale.
It has:
Raitaru for constructing sub capitals. Hi / med / low slots ocuppied. No Rigs. (worth 1 bil)
Athanor with reprocesing module and moon mining module. Hi / med / low slots ocuppied. Rigs for moon mining. (worth 5.5 bil)


1 orca , 3 hulks , 3 Dominix, 1 Hyperion, some items, some blueprints. ( worth 2 bil)

Looking for offers.

Whats the WH J number ?
Want to check on PI


Still for sale, looking for offers.

Sale Sale !

Daily bumpy bump !

Bumpy bumpy

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