WTS c4 wh for small/medium sized corp

WTS Set up c4 wh with c2(easy access to Kspace mostly hisec)/c5(to content and crabing) statics (red giant effect, almost same as without effect).
WH includes :

  • fully equipped Astra
  • raitaru equiped with normal manufacturing and Basic large ship rig bonus for efficiency
  • athanor equipped with moon drill, reprocessing facility, asteroid and moon ore grading procesor rigs
  • athanor equipped with moon drill, and set up for hybrid reactions (wh gas) (it got rigs for hybrid reactions, both time and efficiency)
  • freighter (asset safety, worth to have when eviction come up)
  • all POCOs
  • quite good PI
    Price 10b
    Optional can be sold just with astra (price 6b)

For more info send message ingame.

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Hey, I am interested, please message me on discord under “heleluja”

just message me ingame cuz i cant find you on discord

Do you still have this?

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