WTS C4 with static C1 & C5 + structures


(gente malparido) #1

J155338 asking 5.5b
Astrahus, 1.4b
Raitaru 1.4b
Athanor 1.4b

fitted not rigged ammo , fighter drones , and standup up service modules
partially built orca all there to be finished and 3.5k fuel blocks

2 dead sticks in system, and pocos belong to another corp at 5% tax
contact in-game for more info pm or eve mail , thank you

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(gente malparido) #3


(jasondamien Severasse) #4

interested, will hit u up in game tonight …

(gente malparido) #5

will take best offer , bump

(gente malparido) #6

will except 4bil or as close to that if interested

(gente malparido) #7

bump :+1:

(gente malparido) #8

El Bumpo

(Sadovnika) #9

I might be interested. is it still for sale?

(system) #10

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