WTS C5-C6 with Astra

WTS C5 with C6 static

*effect: none
*Astrahus inside with enough fuel and some mods. core is ready to fit.
*Optional: dreads, roller battleships and HIC, and some more hulls available.

Price: 2.5bil (WH+Astrahus)
Evemail me if you are interested/want to know more details.

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can you show me appraisal of astrahus fit ?
And is the quantum core coming with together ?

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offer still available

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still available. evemail me

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my offer is still available. 2bil to go with system and astrahus


still open for sale
2b with astrahus (cored)
rollers are also available

still open for sale

bump still available

2b to get with cored astrahus.
anyone interested in this offer contact me please.

still available

contact me if interested pls

bump still available

Send you an eve mail.

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