WTS C5 with C5 static, Vanilla ( Perfect condition for new farmers )

Hi, I’m selling C5 WH ( Vanilla ) with C5 static.

Including following items.

1 Astrahus fully fitted, fueled years long
1 POS with full modulesl months of fuels and strontium
4 Naglfars ( 2 are fully fitted, 2 are spares )
1 Rolling Archon, 1 Combat Archon
5 Rolling Megas, multiple other rolling ships
1 Rolling Broadsword, 1 Cyno Rapier
2 DST, 2 Blockade Runner
Other utility ships ( Ephital, Prospect, Yacht, Sabre … etc )

All POCOs are transferable.
System radius is slightly large ( ~ 47 AU )

You can ask for third party but buyer will take its cost.
I’ll give you free CT to help moving caps to new POS.
Farming advice will be provided if wanted.
Route will not be handed until we make the deal.

If you are interested, please send me eve-mail or leave comment here. then I’ll send you eve-prisal link later.

I am a third party and broker for wormholes. Please feel free to contact me if you want help selling your wormhole. O/

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