WTB C5->C5 WH (any effect)

Looking for empty WH c5->c5 static with any effect, PM/Mail me ingame.

Still looking for 5-5
UPD: I’m avialable to buy system with your astra/raitaru with transmission to my corp.

Selling c5-c5 vanilla. if interested, PM or leave comment. cheers.

I am currently brokering and advertising a C5-C5 pulsar. Comes with a Fortizar, 2 Astrahus, and some dreads. Somone marked my post on the forums as spam so I cant link it too you, but I can get all that info to you once I get a mail from you.

Feel free to send me a mail!

I’ve got a fitted c5-c5 Vanilla for sale as well.
Pm me on discord at Supreme Leader Mao#1964
or send me an in-game mail.


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