WTS C3 LS Static

System ID: J115909
Static: LS (U210)
POCOs: 7 (5 to transfert, 0% taxe the 2 others)
Planets type: Baren, Gaz, Ice, Oceanic, Lava

Ready for T4:

  • Organic Mortar Applicators
  • POS Tower Fuel
  • POS Tower Medium Fuel
  • POS Tower Small Fuel
  • Recursive Computing Module
  • Sterile Conduits
  • Wetware Mainframe
    Eve Planets

Price: 1B

Contact me ig for faster replies.



Still available.

I am purchasing the WH for 1Bil. I will be paying Praxx 1B prior to entry into the WH. He has agreed to transfer the POCOs and location of the WH once the 1Bil is paid.

Hell yeah, i’m waiting for you dude !

Excellent transaction from Praxx. I trusted him by paying the isk first, and once I did he did exactly what he said he was going to do; he transferred me the POCOs and got me into the WH.

Thanks Praxx!
Isk well spent!

Thanks you for you trust, may this wormhole be beneficial for you!

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