Wanting to sell a C2 with a C2/LS static with a fully fitted Astrahaus and POCOs.

Asking 2b or Best offer!

Structure is fitted.

Message me for more details, thanks!

details plz!

Hi Anita the system is J151902

Are POCOs transformable?

Is the structure fueled? and yes post says pocos are transferable.

Yes. I will.


@Anita_Hug Still interested?

1.5B … And ill deal rite now tho, do you have a way in and can transfer the pocos etc?

I have my alt that will do the trades… I believe I need a corp to transfer too…

1.8B and you got a deal and I can do the transfer today :slight_smile:

we can start with the POCOs one by one and the last bit for the structure.

How long dos it take?

Transfers are instant. Would need you in the hole though and ideally the isk and corp you’d want it transferred too on standby.

Will you be in game in about 30 mins?

does the corp holder need to be in space?


Can I just get an office at the station and clone there?

So you aren’t interested in buying it? There’s a couple of people doing PI in the hole that you are free to tax as well :slight_smile:

Ill buy it if you can get it done how do you want to do it?

Deal then at 1.8

I’ll PM you in game for instructions into the hole and then from there we can do 100M for each POCO one at a time (10 Planets) and the last 800M for the structure.

I’m on now… I sent https://forums.eveonline.com/u/Marcus_Adheart a message