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(Croyd Crensen) #1

I’m looking to sell my corp’s old C2. It has C1 and HS statics, and is a Red Giant (smart bomb buff, bonus to overheating but with increased heat damage). The system has 9 planets and is capable of P3 PI production.

As an option I can include our old astra. It is positioned to have the inner seven planets within dscan range.

I will provide the entrance for 500mill and transfer the astra (rigged with clone center -2bill value) for 1.5mill. EvE-Scout will act as a trusted 3rd party to handle the transaction. Reply to post or message in game.


(Cngaar Aya) #2

Do you control the POCOs as well?

(Croyd Crensen) #3

We don’t own the POCOs. Planets 1-4 are 3%, 5-9 are 5%, and 9 is 4%. We negotiated planet 9 down and I started bashing planet 5 twice and got interrupted both times. Never felt it was worth it to bash the inner ones.

(system) #4

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