WTS C3 LS static + tower + ships

'lo. I’m planning to liquidate my c3 crab hole soonish and was curious if someone wanted to buy.

Sale includes
-1x small amarr pos with SMA, PHA, 4xresist mods and scram/web and 2 small beams.
-2x rr dominix
-2x higgs rolling praxis
-2x epithals
-1x shitfit iteron 5
-1x cheapfit imicus

also includes misc mtus, mods, some fuel ect. Full evepraisal below.

Essentially, evemail me, pick an agreed upon date, and I’ll put up a contract in the lowsec system with my static with my tower and all the goods for the sale cost and give you the bookmark. Then you bus over with a scanning ship and claim the hole.

Asking price is 20% over jita sell of the above linked evepraisal, 1670845884.

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