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Have a Class 3 with static Null
Great Planetary Interaction
Less than 14 au system.
Couple dead towers
No Force Fields or Structures

Good Hisec entrance atm

Mail or Convo with offers


Still available. Make your new home today

Has a New Hisec entrance so plenty of mass to move your stuff in. Make an offer today

Hey, Menenhetet Neteru was looking for a c1 c2 or c3 with a null static and an astrahus.

Here is his info I collected on him. You already found a system so let us know how it works :slight_smile:,c2,c3&staticdest=ns&effect=_unfiltered&shattered=_any_non

Mail sent to those who have mailed about the wh

Is this still available? Pm me if it’s up

Sorry been away and yes its still available. Current minmatar hisec entrance

HI i may be interested, doe sthe sale include any structures? And can you provide a jcode?


No structures with sale and Jcode is in the OP
Just click the link that says class 3


Pm me if avalaible

Please Delete as no longer availabel

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