For Sale - C5-5 Cataclysmic Variable

Selling the location to a C5-5 Cataclysmic Variable (J113712). No structures. A great place for running sites with RR set-ups. Asking price - 3B. Contact me here or in-game.

would that be because an athanor was killed in there in the last week? And given the general level of activity in that system by some well-known entities (eg Darkside, TAPI, Rote Kapelle and Socket Closed), I’ll give this a hard pass.

Welcome to J-Space where ships and structures explode. Were you expecting a field of flowers, rainbows and unicorns? A safe place to rat to your heart’s content? If so, J-space may not be the place for you! But thanks for chiming in.

I would expect any interested party to have the means and know how to secure the system for themselves. Take the necessary precautions, and you will not have to worry about sov-holding entities like TAPI (last active in J113712 in June, lol) or DarkSide/Rote Kapelle appearing from the depths of null to shoot your anchoring structures. Hole control is a thing, yeah?

I’m selling a path to this wormhole - no more, no less. Happy to engage the services of a trusted 3rd party to facilitate the sale, if desired.

Wormhole still available!

Why would someone buy the system when there is no structures. That means you don’t have any actual claim to the system.

Because empty C5s are few and far between. A Cataclysmic Variable C5, especially so! I have made no claims to ownership of this system; as stated several times in this thread, I can provide a route to this system (still unoccupied as of today) to any interested party.

Thank you for your question and the free bump!

The problem as you just stated C5s are few but today I saw two systems with C5 statics just the fact your asking for a couple bill confuses me but hey you do you and if someone buys it good for you

you realise I could just pay wingspan ~500m and get an entrance in there?
besides, a catvar? eeeeew.

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