C2 NS/C5 Wormhole + fitted astrahus and rigged Raitaru *SOLD*

After living in there for a long time, we are now selling our old home; J221337

Yeah, it has planets, so you can probably do that PI thing; customs offices are included. But the nice feature of this WH are its statics: NS for pew, and C5 also for pew, and iskmaking.

What makes this wormhole type “cool”, is the fact that there are only 40 of them in game. The statics provide a wide variety of content.

Included in the deal is a fully fitted Astrahus, a rigged Raitaru, and whatever drops when you unanchor them. Honestly, we dont have a clue what’s left in it, and we can’t be bothered to find out either. Because we are too lazy to move them out, we’ll throw in 8 or so battleships fitted for rolling statics. You also get a nicely made spreadheet for moonmining

The price for this wh is 8 bil

Poke or mail me in game for more info.

Updated info.

This is my daily bump :slight_smile:

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