C2 with HS/C1 Static + Fully fit Astrahaus - Great PI

I am selling my C2 J144004 with a HS/C1 static, plus a fit Astrahaus including quantum core. The hole has great PI, approachable PVP in the form of hunting explorers and day trippers, as well as decent isk making opportunities.

This is a great hole for a fledgling or solo WH corp. I have gotten some great kills here. I don’t post my kills but can link some if you like. Some kills are posted by my prey, but I try not to give out free intel. Otherwise the hole is really safe for PVE activities if you know how to operate in a WH environment. It is a really great place to learn the mechanics of WH space with good kills from the HS static and good hunting in the C1 static.

My price is 3B OBO. I am looking to move on to a new venture, so any reasonable offer will be considered.

Thanks for looking and please send me an EVE mail for the best and fastest reply. Fly well O7.

Veshna Wildsun

Still for sale, reply here, hit me or Souixie Wolfrun up in game. I am typically playing Souixie these days.



new venture? new wh? if so, do you need a partner for more?

cap/100 mill and adds here, lemme know; mail is open



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