WTS empty C5 I stumbled open

Found what I believe is completely empty C5 wormhole.

Stumbled upon while exploring high-sec


Still alpha for now after coming back from about 3 years off. Have no use for wormholes till I can upgrade and explore some C1’s

Anyways. I have zero experience in wormholes buying/selling

Willing to take a low offer.

Convo in game or reply here.

Its a Cataclysmic Variable wormhole, that might be why nobody lives there atm.
Its some funky effects, which require some pretty special fits to take advantage of, because of the remote tanking bonuses in there. :slight_smile:

It also looks like someone cleaned up the hole in january. A POS was killed, along with the stuff that was anchored.

ah thanks. I am kinda new to exploring and very new to wormholes. Just poking around until I can get out of alpha and fly something that can safely explore C1’s maybe C2’s.

Thanks I’ll remember to check KB next time i find something.

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