Are all the c5/c5 taken

Been searching for a c5/c5 for a number of weeks and found feck all without an astra. You guys seeing the same thing?

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You can like shoot the Astras…

Thanks for the advice, it may come to that.

With the POSes it was easy to tell: No forcefields up = Abandoned WH

Now you have to look on Z-Kill and camp a few days to be sure if a citadel is still used/defended or not. My guess: Most of the time it is worth a try when the owning corp is small.

yea will try that thanks I just spend 4 hours scanning 18 c5’s all with astra. cheers

There are 232 c5/c5 wormholes so I’m sure you will find one that is empty as they mostly are. Check zkill for activity and kill the Astra if there is one, or find a quiet system “on paper” and pay Wingspan to find you an entrance (~500m isk)

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Cheers thanks will do

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