There are 500 C5 and 140 C6 Wormholes sites. Are all the sleeper sites being fought over?

I want to get into the business of using Naglfars to clear out c5 and c6 sleeper sites. My question is, since it seems that most of WH space has already been claimed by corps, can I still find plenty of C5 and C6 sites to clear for isk? Or is it packed in WH space and sleeper sites are usually really busy.

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Sites will respawn.
But you gotta figure out, how you deal with enemies ganking you, cause that is expensive and if you check the killboard, there are a few dead dreads in w-space every day.

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It seems to me that you are not coming out and asking your real question: Can you safely multibox krab in a C5/C6 wormhole with capital ships without any local support from your friends/corp/allies.

The answer is a definitive NO.

There are corporations that would welcome you, though. Corporations that might help with the safety issue, too - and help with finding sites, even.



choose one.

If you wanna multibox capitals you need a farmhole. In those you wont have support from your friends/corp/allies.
Can you do it? Yes? Will you loose multiple billion ISK? Possible. Is it worth it? Depends.


There are loads of empty c5 wormholes to live in. There are even some empty c6 wormholes

It’s very safe in there, there are barely any people. The structures you may see are all inactive. And if you fit your Naglfar with very expensive modules, the few hostile players who may randomly wander into your wormhole will not even be able to harm you.


They totally wont warp an carrier into your site, to spawn a bonus wave for you. They also never drop a sabre and phoenix to kill you.
Its nearly impossible to kill a Nag, if you bling it /s

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I think you have misunderstood what a bonus wave is.

Is that when you have to sing for the Drifters or else they pod you?

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Im pretty sure i know what a “bonus wave” is :*

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