Hostile SItes

(Alistair Atreides) #1

I want to solo hostile sites. Is that feasible at low-tech/cheap? If not, what does it actually take?

Also, is it possible to kite the hostiles away then just warp back to an empty site?

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Explain WarDec costs for me?
(Duo Roman) #2

WH sites are all about pve combat, the site value is the sleeper drop. Sleeper relic and data site hacking can loot is very underwhelming.

C1 and some C2 sites can be done in chap solo T1 ships, yes. In C1 up to C3, you can find pirate relic/data sites that don’t have NPCs, this hacking can be lucrative. C4 to C6 sites all have sleepers.

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(Trevor Dalech) #3

Sleepers are fast, the frigates can burn at about 4km/s. So even if you kite them away, they’ll be back on you pretty quickly. So it’ll be: kite, hack one can, kite again, hack one can, etc… slow going.

Besides, the only place where you could feasably do this and survive are low class wormholes, there the value of the site is mostly in the rats, the cans are pretty worthless.

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(Alistair Atreides) #4

Worthless is relative at my level lol.

Are the cans actually worthless? Because in low-sec I’ve been finding lots of ~2mil - ~15mil cans in each site. So I can’t imagine ANY site’s cans are worthless in W–space?

But I don’t know yet, hence the question, maybe the cans are all 500,000 isk compared to non-hostile sites?

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(Duo Roman) #5

Worthless, yes. In low class whs, they are around 250k isk. Some sites will have cans named Talocan, those can net 1M ISK to 5M ISK.

Edit: 250k ISK would be for all the cans summed up.

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(Alistair Atreides) #6

Oh geesh </Mr. Garrison Voice>

That is pretty worthless, so W-space isk comes more from (aside from ratting) the gas harvesting?

I get that W-space has its own privileges that makes it valuable other than just the straight-up isk, but I thought it was supposed to be a spot where people could go to a W-hole, find a good site, and make “80 mil an hour” lol…evidently not.

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(DeMichael Crimson) #7

I think the actual ISK is in the Sleeper Salvage / Blue Loot.

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(Vidlius Askold) #8

In class 1 to class 3 wormholes, you can find pirate data and relic sites, these will be named after pirate factions: Blood, Serpentis, etc.

These sites don’t have sleepers guarding them and you can get great loot. I’ve found wormholes with a dozen sites in them and walked out with 200 million.

(Alistair Atreides) #9

I suppose I either found too high a class wormholes when trying, or was just unlucky because I still have found NO pirate named sites.

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(Wyk Bathana) #10

you should take some time before drawing any conclusions from your short experience. You are not the only explorer who does explo in wormhole. don’t you know that many players LIVE in wormholes? So it is easy to understand that it can take some time to find unhacked relic/data sites in a c1-3.
I would kindly suggest you to first read and google things, because, for example, you easily find many infos about wormholes on the net. Are you aware that, for example, before entering a wormhole, if youright click on the wormhole and click on “show info” , you will see some sentences which indicates the wormhole system class behind? if it says “leads to unknown” it will be a c1/2/3, “dangerous unknown” c4/c5, “deadly unknown” c6.
Believe me, first read and google things

(Alistair Atreides) #11

I already know that stuff, these questions are about the realities of gameplay, not about the basics.

The basics = go to wormhole, find non-hostile sites.

The reality = spent a whole day in wormholes, found no non-hostile sites.

The question here was why and what to do about them. The answers have been pretty good and basically amount to “Find C1-3 and keep looking”.

You’re not wrong about google and youtube, there’s just limits to all that. Can only get answers to experiential questions from experienced players.

Youtubers don’t talk sh** about this, nor does any of the walkthroughs.

I even went so far as to name my wormholes 1a, 2a, 3a, etc, so I could map my ways back out as deeply as #d and #e, before finding new wormholes from high-sec/low-sec to jump into.

I also would scan the entire wormhole, I found plenty of sites. just ALL were hostile.

And while I didn’t keep track of if they were C1-3s only at the time…I doubt I only landed in C4-6.

So…my player experience so far has been extremely unlucky, apparently, as sites in W-space goes. It’s been extremely lucky as far as empty wormholes goes, since about 2 dozen wormholes and I never bumped into one that appeared to be populated or had ship traffic.

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(Alistair Atreides) #12

Also, most articles and the university have too little information to guide actual game play. But YouTubers, while having GREAT info, tend to exagerate on things.

For obvious reasons, they want YOU to see HOW THEY can teach your something lol

My player-expectation of Wormholes was “Go there, and roll in gold if you survive”.

The reality has been, go there, be able to do nothing cuz it’s all too high level. All the tricks and stuff talked about are much lower frequency than they bragged about.

I achieved some ~10 to 15mil isk/hr in low sec the other day, finally…

But in wormhole space, achieve 0isk/hr, because it’s all hostile.

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(Wyk Bathana) #13

sorry but you asked "where do the isks come from in wormholes " and someone had to answer you that it comes from blue loot. This is a very basic thing.
If you google whs, you can easily find many infos here
and here

(Wyk Bathana) #14

and also:

" Sites in wormhole space

Wormhole space has its own sets of sleeper sites unique to each wormhole class. The sleepers defend these sites, for more information see Wormholes.

Lower class 1-3 wormholes also contain pirate data and relic sites. These are identical to sites found in normal null security space."

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(Alistair Atreides) #15

Not jabbing at you too much cuz again, you’re not wrong about doing my own research but…It’s not a basic thing when you can’t GET to the loot, because all the stuff is hostile lol. I think you’re missing the first part of the whole thread, which is “where the f*** is the non-hostile sites”?

I don’t mean are they in C1-3’s either, I just mean that none were found. You’re more accurate about how not to expect a small set of chances to be representative. Now i realize I might go into W-space today and find nothing BUT pirate-sites.

Once respondants put together that they are just low enough frequency I could go a solid 8 hours in wormholes and never see one, the rest of it sort of falls into place.

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(Wyk Bathana) #16

but have you focused on visiting c1/2/3?

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(Alistair Atreides) #17

I will certainly start! heh, I knew about the “deadly” space naming convention going into it, and recall mostly “unknowns”, but I was certainly careless and more “anxious” than observant.

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(Wyk Bathana) #18

and when you enter a wh system, you can also check the wh class using this site
just put the id of the wh system

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(Alistair Atreides) #19

Certainly, an advanced follow-up to this was is there a pattern to the wormhole types (A-xxx or K-162, etc), but I couldn’t identify such a pattern in a quick data anlysis I did.

I identified that of all the type of wormholes, there are about 7-10 types for every class, and that the higher the value (X-Y-Zs or higher numbers) tend to be more dangerous (C4,5,6) but that was about it…there was enough variety that you just couldn’t be sure without wrote memorization.

If someone knows the pattern to this, I’d like to know, because then I can be like "oh it’s an odd-sequenced Alpha with a numeric ending in a prime number? it’s definitely above C-3)…

Grr, I realize the naming convention “unknown vs. dangerous etc” facilitates this. But I still went down that rabit hole anyway. Looking for interesting patterns in how things were named/placed.

I’m just wanting a shorthand, so I dont have to look things up - basically.

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(Wyk Bathana) #20

i am not sure you undestood me. You don’t need memorization. You jump through the wh, and when you enter the wh system you look at the wh id (for example “J100102”), and you write it in the search window on the website above and you have all the infos
for example, for J100102, you will learn that it is a C2, etc

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