WH Data and Relic Sites

Im trying to up my “courage” level, so I jumped head first into wormhole space…very spooky!

I have been looking for data and relic sites to do my thing, and so far, the only ones I have found are PVE sites. Now being that I am in an Heron, with no weapons, I am limited in my options, as in I cant attack.

Are there any non-PvE sites in WH, or should I just stick to LS and HS?

It depends on the wormhole class. What you want are C1, C2, or C3 wormholes - these contain the same PVE relic sites that exist in null sec.

You will still get sleeper PVE relics (forgotten frontiers etc.) but you’ll find a mix of pirate and sleeper relics there. The Sansha sites (ruined sansh monuments etc.) are usually worth the most, but you’ll find all types there.

Don’t waste your time on Data sites. A sansha relic will pull you 60-90mil, a Data site will pull you 1-10mil. You will make more ISK by saving your time and skipping them to look for more relics.

EDIT: P.S. Swap your heron for a magnate, it has four low slots for warp core stabs. I HATE warp core stabs - but as a new player, you’ll find they might save you. Most wormholers use a dual scram fit to gank explorers - the magnate is the only exploration frigate with enough lows to manage +4 warp core strength, so they’ll require a faction scram to hold you down. :slight_smile: Have fun o7


Cool, thanks Doc!

I spent about an hour or so hoppin through WHs, one after another, and I guess they were all C4s and up, as all of them had the relic/data sleepers, gas, and combat sites…and I scanned everything! whew! So after the 3rd or 4th system, I scanned a WH to LS and popped out about 30 jumps from home, ykes!

So, is there a way to tell what “C” level I am in? Is that the number on the top left that starts with a “J”, or is it the WH number?

Thanks for the tips!

Wait, I just found this:
Looks like it’s just what I need!

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Type “j123456” in to google. It will give you all the information you need.


Exactly what Ildrara said ^^ if you just google the system name, usually the first result is Ellatha.com which will show you the information about the wormhole - not just the class, but also the wormhole effects (e.g. pulsar, black hole, etc.).

EDIT: I forgot to mention, I prefer http://anoik.is/ but if you just google the system name Ellatha usually comes up first.


And don’t forget to check https://zkillboard.com/ too, you might want to know if hunters are active in the system.

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You can also tell what class a wormhole is before you even jump into it - if the ‘show info’ says that it leads to unknown parts of space (as opposed to dangerous unknown (c4 and 5) or deadly unknown (c6)) then you know you’re dealing with a c 1-3.

If you want to know whether it’s a c1, c2 or c3, you can actually tell by looking at the wormhole and zooming in on it. do some googling about identifying wh class by sight, and that should be all the info you need.

Nullsec sites without rats will always have a faction name in their signaute when you scan

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