Recomanded Ship for Relic/Data sites in WH space

And to be able to battle NPC’s found in those sites.

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Are you aware that a lot of WH sites don’t have any npc’s ? Have a look at . I cleared 4 in a C3 today, made nearly 100 million isk. If you go that route, I’d choose an Astero with scanning modules fitted, hacking modules in cargo, and a Mobile Depot so you can swap between the two.

Yeah i know

i just did , but i’m asking what the best ship for clearing data/relic sites that have NPC’s .

A Fleet …

Seriously … take a look here and you can see the waves of ships they will send at you. These are not sites for single explorers, rather teams ready for PvE.


ok :slightly_frowning_face:

That depends entirely on what class of WH you’re exploring in. And as the OP is finding Pirate Data/Relic sites it’s fair to assume he’s in low class WHs, where it is completely possible to solo the sleeper data/relic sites.

Passive Drake can do it, as can most active tanked T3s (proteus may be not so much, though haven’t tried). Have also used a Stratios with mixed success. Just be aware of the triggers to ensure the single ship doesn’t get overwhelmed. I will say though that the relic/data loot is almost not worth bothering with, most of the sites value comes from the sleeper loot/salvage.

Edit: Eve Survival is a good place to check over the site prior to running it, for C3 sites:



Thx :slightly_smiling_face:

I run the c3 stuff in a Tengu. Easy to refit for whatever you need it to do.

Drake for c1 and c2, will do the job; there are other ships you can use of course but i dont think any are as effective as the drake tbvh both for cost, ease of training and general use and malleability.

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