Are there always NPC in relic sites in simpliest whs?

i never found one without npc in last few days…
i play after 5 years again.
for example i always get something like this: “Unsecured Frontier Database”

Look harder

You are looking for a wormhole with no NPC’s? lol

C1-C3 wh can spawn faction (blood/angel/etc.) sites (relic/data) that don’t have rats inside. only other wormholers


Oï !
I see you are trying to find the riches in wormhole space. That’s great !

Lemme help you a bit. Low classes wormholes can sometimes spawn the same data and relic signatures than nullsec, with the advantage being that they’re are not locked to the pirate cartel infesting the system : you can find both Blood Raider and Serpentis sites, for example.
By low classes wormholes, I mean C1, C2, C3 and the rarer C13, a special class of shattered wormholes that can only spawn small connections.

However, there are also Sleeper relic and data sites, that are the only sources of Ancient Relics and Subsystem Datacores, used in Tech III manufacturing. Those sites are ALWAYS defended by sleeper NPCs that will wreck your scanning ship, so be careful. They can spawn in every class of wormholes, ranging from C1 to C6 (each level bringing stronger NPCs). I recommend that you do not enter relic or data sites infested by Sleeper drones in C3 and above, as multiple ships (including frigates) have warp disrupting capabilities.

There is a very simple way to know if there will be NPCs in a site : if the first word in the name of the signature is either UNSECURED or FORGOTTEN, that’s a sleeper data site for the former, and relic site for the latter.

Generally, you can get quite a good deal of ISK by clearing those sites with a PVE ship, salvaging and selling the blue loot dropping in wrecks. However, even relic or data sites in high class wormholes often drop very low valuable things, so you can overlook them and seek combat signature for more loot.


Pretty simple guide from Signal Cartel.


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