Are all level 3 relic/data sites gaurded by npc's?

Hi, I’m new (3d old). Exploration seems to be fun and lucrative, so I jumped right into wormholes with my probe T1 fitted.

I jump into 1 worm hole after the next mostly from empire space and it seems that every level 3 scanning difficulty site has npcs.

So my question is is this always the case because the last 20 level 3 relic/data sites I’ve scanned down have been gaurded.

No. There is pirate 3-level sites in wormholes of 1-3 classes without NPC.

So, people keep telling me this, but I’ve been to probably 30 level 3 sites in wormhole space and all of them were gaurded. Are they super rare or something?

Not really but usually they are all already looted. My personal criteria for scanning WH is 8-9 sigs. Otherwise WH is probably empty.

Where do you explore from? High sec space?

Yep. As starting point. But actually hi-sec data sites (CRF and caches) becomes more profiteble (isc/hour) after trained all scanning skills (hacking first of all). So I don’t go deeper than one WH. Oh and all sites in WH with NPC called “Unsecured” and “Forgotten”. Just ignore them.

Okay, I go deeper… I usually jump more than once through a high sec wormhole. I dont really care where I end up at this point because every site i scan is a level 3 gaurded site.

Been scanning for hours and not a single site I can visit. It’s really demoralizing.

It must be because you’re just 1 jump in where you get level 3 ungaurded sites.

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Yes. It is because most of WH in hi-sec is up to 3th class. But I found relic site once in the “deadly dangerous space” once. I dont know what it was…

Not sure why this has to come up every week or so as its a simple Google search away…even in my alliance in game seems someone is always asking this. If the site says “serpentis, guristas, blood raider, or sansha” it has no rats…no matter what level. If it says anything else, like unsecured or forgotten it has sleeper rats. There is an eve uni wiki that will list all of the sleeper sites in each class of WH as well as what rats are in them…also tells you about each type of WH effect and what type of static connections it can have and the corresponding code on the WH. I suggest keeping that page open somewhere for quick reference until you learn them better.

The level of the signature only relates to how difficult it is to scan down…ie how strong your probe strength needs to be to fully scan it down.

Or just copy and past it to your characters notes page. So you dont have to look out of game. I added my alts to my contacts just so I could have more note space…lol

Personally I use my phone for that purpose…notepad is for Intel in game, or at least that’s how I use it. I keep about 6 tabs open on my phone for quick reference of things like dotlan or zkill.

I have a kindle fire I use for Zkill and Dotlan. Easier to read than my phone.

This is EVE.

If something tells you its “Unsecured”, “Abadoned” or “Forgotten” it will definitely be guarded by uber npcs.

You want to look for Angel something, Gurista something, Blood Raider something or Serpentis something relic/data sites only.

But I think you soon find out that exploration in wh is pointless for newbie. Basically in every wh there will be cloaked astero/t3c and will kill you soon or later.

Yes, even if you get killed you might still profit anyway as t1 exploration ship is cheap, but really, lowsec is much better for exploration. You just need to avoid faction warfare zones.

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This is not true at all…in fact within my first month in eve I was paying for my astero by way of WH relic and data sites. All it takes is some motivation and thought. Sure if you use t1 ships then you are going to lose a lot of them compared to say an astero, but for every 5-10m t1 you can pull 3 replacements from one site. A recent example from my own experience is just last week I found a WH c3 I wanted to explore connected to my home system. I went and bought an astero fit that aligns in sub 3s that also uses covops. I pulled 308m from that WH just off relic sites. In said WH there were 8 freaking connections…Low, Null, C3, and C5. I saw quite a few ships on dscan some who could kill me some who I could kill…yet I made it out after hacking 8 relic sites.

Its all about how you play and how motivayed you are to learn how to do a thing…being lazy never pays well.

Protips…Align should always be faster than the quickest you can be locked…excepting stealth bombers cause that’s not realistic to beat.
When using cloak you should keep at 3000m so that if someone pops up on scan there is a good chance you can cloak then warp and beat their lock speed.
WCS are garbage and guys like me who almost always use faction scram or use a scram and point will make you pay…focus on align.

Btw…I even had a 103m can in one site while in said WH that paid out 308m…another can was 48m in a separate site.


you are correct, the level 3 scan difficulty on the site, will tell you that that site is a sleeper site. you need the scan difficulty 1 or 2. The pirate sites also only spawn in a c1-3.

That is not true. There are pirate sites in low class Wormhole space (C1 to C3, and C13) that are LVL 3 scanning difficulty. @Kam_Kanno if you are skipping them, well, good for me.

Level 4 too…those are 8+ can sites if pirate faction…

Sweet, swet loot :heart_eyes:

Wait… do you mean you found 8 relic sites in a single Wormhole system? Is that possible?

Maybe the region I’m flying in isn’t empty enough… maybe I should try Great Wildlands, considering nobody is there.

Anyway, I have been playing for around a month, and have been exploring for two weeks.

Being alpha, I don’t have stealth and I’m flying Herons. I only have a core probe launcher, t1 probes, t1 scanning rigs, the cheapest MWD I can find, data and relic analyzer, two scanner rangefinding arrays and 2 nanofiber structures.

The whole fit costs 800k. 600k if you insure it. In other words, a single lowsec datasite will replace the ship at least 5 times.

I have been doing this the last two weekends, and I made 200 millions each. Not great, but way better than anything else I got.

Yes there was 9 relic and 1 data in this particular WH, of which I hacked 8 relic sites and made 308m in that one hole. I missed one site while I was hunting an astero then saved the data to camp for a while. Its not a common find but it happens.