Wormhole, relic sites and sleepers

Seems every data/relic sites I scan down in Wormholes have sleepers in, am I doing something wrong or just unlucky?

You’re not doing anything wrong.
There are different classifications of wormholes, C1 through C6. Only classes 1 - 3 will have non-sleeper explo sites (along with sleeper sites). To determine if a WH is one of those low-class kind, you can right-click on the hole before jumping through and select “Show Info”. If the description pane says that the hole leads to “unknown” space, it leads to a WH in classes 1 - 3. If it says anything else, like “Dangerous Unknown” or “Dangerous” or “Deadly”, then it leads to a higher class WH that will not spawn regular pirate explo sites.

A lot of times, WHs that can be entered from high sec will be cleared out very fast, so in that case, luck does play a part.

Ah right, will bear that in mind. Thank you.

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