Wormhoes and Pirates Relic&Date site

okay need to some help I finally getting off my lazy ass and starting my exploration life. and I want ask if there any pirate data and Relic sites In wormholes. and if not what kind of data and Relic sites can i find. i am new to this. and what sites can find in normal wormhole

Yes, wormholes of classes 1 to 3 have a chance of spawning Pirate faction relic/data sites alongside regular Sleeper ones. Generally any data/relic site with scan difficulty I or II will be faction one. Sites with scan difficulty III are mostly sleeper sites. Those are basically combat sites with cans in. Not much isk can be made out of those, at least not from hacking cans. There are also ghost sites (Scan difficulty III data sites) and sleeper caches (scan difficulty IV) but those can be too hard for relatively new players. In all honesty it would be better to stick with Null sec for Relic and Data sites, but not everyone is a part of blue donut.

I have all of my Scaning skill set to Level IV . Currently i am in low sec doing exploration. but i am thinking of getting into Nul sec for exploration. Is their a Guide for Both Null Sec and WH sites? tell me what gonna to be in there?

https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Relic_and_data_sites Here you go. It’s a bit outdated but should be helpful.

So my first trip into Wh and Nul sec land me about 164 mill big ones worth of salvate . think will do this agian. Not sure what the isk per hour is spend most of day doing relic and Data sites and I am really liking exploration life

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expect relic sites to drop 3-15m ISK, lookout for “Crystal Quary” pirate faction sites dropping up to 80m ISK per site. Relics will drop more than data sites imho. Though never living in 0.0 I would see highsec roaming & searching for C1-C3 wormholes more safe than roaming 0.0 systems.


Why not both? Start in hi sec. Probe for sites, especially C1-C3 wormholes. Go in the hole, probe and keep going. Chances are you will find more wormholes to other systems. Keep traveling. Some will dump you into very quiet parts of nul sex. Just bookmark the holes so you can try to get back that way.

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