I need help identifying Data Sites

Im looking for a chart or a list of the types of Data sites and their properties.

High Sec does not prepare you for this but in NULL/WH this is what I come across:

  • Data sites that have NPCs show up and one-shot you.
  • Data Sites that explode taking you with them.
  • Data Sites that also explode but dont take you with them (now Im really confused)
  • Data sites (Sleeper) that are about impossible to scan down. Get to 98.8% and that’s it.

I’m sure there are more weird combos, but how do I identify them? The names are weirdly obscure with no hint as to what Im warping into.

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start with safeExplo

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Question: The sites with NPCs. Are they doable? What I mean is that with a Cruiser or BS, could I take them or is it a lost cause? Are they beyond level 4 security missions?

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I dont have a great answer for that, other than drifter and sleeper NPCs (usually wormholes) are significantly harder. check eve uni’s wiki for more detail/ship suggestions for specific site names

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That site is great, but basically if it’s Crumbling, Decayed or Ruined as the initial word, that’s a safe relic site (HS, LS, Null/WH respectively).

If it’s Local, Regional, or Central as the initial word, then it’s a safe data site (HS, LS, Null/WH respectively).


WHDBX has a summary of all wormhole PVE sites, including the hacking sites, with information on the NPCs you will be facing.

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Anything that deals with drifer/sleeper data relic is deadly also. Pirate Data/relic are generally safe from my knowledge of WH space at least.

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If it helps…Sleeper Caches (which apart from a few small exceptions) only spawn in K-Space and not in Wormholes

the 98.8% scanning you have got to I suspect could be a Superior Sleeper Cache - which you need a scan probe strength greater than 110 from memory (might be 105) but that is a level 5 difficulty to scan down.

Standard and limited sleeper cache’s require a lower scan strength to scan down and are only lvl 4 difficulty.

If you want to run those sites - they are do-able (to a certain extent) in just a frigate if you follow guides and pilot carefully - EVE Uni has walkthroughs on their site and Nth Dimensional on YouTube has good videos for these sites (https://www.youtube.com/@nthdimensional/videos)

Any sites with the name containing XXXX-PirateFaction-Covert Research Facility are Pirate Ghost Sites and there’s some good reading here (these will explode if you fail the hack and if you take too long rats will spawn and smash you):

good luck and keep exploring as these sites are awesome and exploration is a great type of play


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