Where are the unguarded relic and data sites...?

Trying exploration for a while now and I keep running into Very well guarded data and relic sites. They will blow me out of space in one shot…

90% of the sites I found are unsecured data or forgotten relic sites. I have looked in high sec, low sec, wormholes, -0.1 space… Everything. Takes hours and hours and gets me nowhere…

How does this work…??? Where are the UNGUARDED relic and data sites…???
Does it depend on level of the site? Level of wormhole? My scanning and probibg skills, (which by now almost all lv IV)…? What…?

This totally sucks… :frowning:

I used to see them regularly when I lived in a class-3 wormhole system. If you haven’t already found it, have a look at https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Relic_and_data_sites for more info.

Look for empty systems—sites with pirate faction names don’t have NPCs in them, with the exception of covert research facilities (NPCs will show up and wreck you, usually between 30-120 seconds after entering the site).

There’s a TON in hi sec and low sec. There’s also a bunch of them in wormholes, but you’ll need to research how wormholes work to get the best bang for your buck. The most lucrative sites are in holes and null sec, but the danger from other players and the difficulty in looting the sites increases accordingly.

Good luck!

which sucks is that you have not even tried to google it
You will easily see that unguarded relic/data sites in whs are only found in C1s, C2s, or C3s

for example, if you google “eve exploration” you find https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Exploration, where it is clearly written " Sites in wormhole space: …
Wormhole space has its own sets of sleeper sites unique to each wormhole class. The sleepers defend these sites…
Lower class 1-3 wormholes also contain pirate data and relic sites. These are identical to sites found in normal null security space."

I’m not worried about other players. Just getting real pissed off the time wasted, cause 99 out of 100 D & R sigs are Forgotten Relic, or Unsecured Data sites guarded by NPC’s that blow me out of the sky in two shots. I have had little to no problems with other players so far.

What sucks, (not which), is that you just presume I didn’t google it… You get back on your high horse and ride TF off… plz.


That’s how most wormholes have been for me, but that’s because I’ve been lazy when it comes to learning what wormholes to check (not saying you are, but I sure have). My conversion rate has definitely gone up now that I more thoroughly vet the wormholes I find.

Unless I’m unlucky and get stuck behind someone else doing their exploration run, I usually do find quite a few pirate sites in low sec.

Other players will for sure mess with you in time, so be prepared for that!

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c1, c2, c3 wormholes.

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