Sleepers Relic & Data sites

Oï !
I would like to know : it’s quite easy to find Perimeter Data sites or Forgotten relic sites in the C1 WH I live in, but I would like to know : apart from the blue loot of the wrecks, what does the cans contain and is it worth it ?

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No. Generally speaking, sleeper data/relic sites loot is not worth the effort involved to access it, especially for the explorer. If you are already running those sites as combat sites, it isn’t the worst thing to hack the cans but even then you are likely to get more value from running another site instead of hacking.

A data/relic explorer should stick to pirate data/relic sites in C1-C3 space and ghost sites.

Relic sites could become worth it, after the next expansion, when Abyssal Filaments will drop for the new dead space sites. (im assuming the filaments will drop from sleeper sites, because drifters basically lol, but we dont know which relic sites it will be yet)
But for now, sleeper data and relic can loot is almost as useless as salvaging a level 1 mission in highsec. The payouts are so tiny, because the market is flooded with stuff from the sites.

99% of all people doing sleeper sites, never loot. UNLESS theres a can that says “Talocan something something”. You can get lucky and find some t3 materials, but thats the only thing remotely worth looting.

Thanks you for the answer =)

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after the removal of reverse engineering almost all the valuable items were removed from the cans and never replaced.

Since tech 3 destroyers and cruisers are made by magic and not industry, nobody needs any of that stuff, so you can just leave it.

Just do not forget - relic site will disappear, if you warp out before hacked it. Even if there are still NPC left.

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