Relic and data Sites need reworked as well as other sites in both K and J space

I think it is past time the relic and data sites both Faction found in Known space and Faction/Sleeper found in Worm holes get an update. A lot of these sites are just not worth running any more for ISK, or the hack on the can does not make sense. I was running a faction relic site in a worm hole and one can I hacked had a red core and lots of stoppers on the large hack grid and the only thing I got out of this can was 2 items with an estimated value of 26,000. Another can had close to 9 mil of estimated value and it had a yellow core still a decent size grid. I have seen empty cans which I think should not be any empty cans on these sites and I have herd stories of grids with red cores and only have 1 carbon inside. I think the following changes need to me made. First and foremost the Loot in these cans needs to be updated and made more valuable so these sites are worth running. 2nd No more empty cans . 3rd the grid and what core and stoppers on the grid need to make sense ie: low value range should have smaller grid with with appropriate amount stoppers for the grid and the easiest core, mid value range should have a medium size grid with appropriate amount of stoppers for the grid and the medium Core , and finally high value range should have the large grid with appropriate amount stoppers for the grid and of course the Red Core.

  The Sleeper relic and data in wormholes also need  the same update to increased loot and the afore mentioned suggestion on the grid making sense. These should defiantly see an upgrade to loot in the can  because of the increased risk these sites bring. You have to first deal with the rats which do hit hard and can require you to  either bring a binged ship or multi box multiple ships in either case you are most likely fielding more ISK value than what any Class Worm Hole site is worth in ISK value blue loot included with what ever the cans on the relic/data sites witch is often no worth it so people don't bother. 

I’d also suggest rework of the blue loot value meaning increase the value of blue loot, or major scale back on the wondering worm holes in worm holes. I understand there was concern that those who make worm holes their home and live in them or those who perhaps had a vacation spot in one or day tripped could make a large amount of ISK in pretty decent safety assuming time was taken to secure the worm hole by rolling all connections, not warping to new statics to keep them from making the connection for a period of time, and even possibly sticking cloaked eyes 100km off and or bubble rapping the hole. The decision was made to implement in a patch an increase in wondering worm hole spawns, this increased the amount of time it took to scan all sigs and then secure the worm hole and also greatly increased the risk with out improving the rewards.



You’re right, data and relic sites need some love.

I think we could use more complex gated sites like the Limited/standard/superior Sleeper Cache. They’re more engaging and dangerous.


Thanks for taking time to read and respond to the post. Glad I am not the only one that thinks data and relic sites need love. So do escalations they dot hit as much and too often you only get the overseers effects or what I like to call the lunch box. 100k for that and pretty iffy on dead space drop prices when you get dead space or the faction bpc. Its another site, at least 10/10 wise where your risking from what i have seen at least a 1 Bill Isk+ rattlesnake or comparable ship + fit which is quite a risk for little reword.

Is your goal to make it impossible to make isk, or plex your account and force us to buy plex to make ISK to then spend on things in game? Cause you screwed up the ore with the scarcity thing, Worm Hollers got screwed with the wondering worm hole spawn buff, low sec has always sucked so you pretty much left it alone, and now high sec is no longer as safe as it use to be thanks to Dimond rats, and the Trigs and Edencom. All these took isk flowing falsest and either completely shut them off or turned it way down to just a very slow drip, and then you advertise get rich in eve buy plex. What’s next no bounties on rats? Wait I just gave you an idea don’t listen to that. CCP I hope you got some kind of clause when you sold Eve to Pearl Abyss you could buy it back or something, if so I highly suggest you do so before Pearl Abyss ruins your game and player base by turning eve into a pay to win/pay to do anything game because clearly they are only interested in $$$


Today I ran 5 relic sites and gained 200M in rewards. Cherry pick the sites, leave corpses for the bots and campers and be on your way.

Data Sites, however, really need better rewards. You will not achieve that by giving them more decryptors or datacores, but by giving them unique items necessary for pirate ship and module production.

So that the ratting income in safe wormhole space becomes even more lucrative than it already is?

That is already the case. Hacking grids for Rubbles have a lower number of grid nodes than Ruins. They also only have 2 stopper variations with low hit points, while Ruins have 4 variations with higher hitpoints.

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Worm hole space is not as safe as it use to be. The Ai on the rats got little improvement, and they hit/tank little harder than they use to. Saw a blinged out Gila get wrecked in a c3 site that i know it use to be able to solo said site. They also increased your wondering worm hole connections. A lot of worm holes are seeing 3-7 maybe even more wondering worm holes on top of their static, which in creases the amount of time it takes to secure your hole and the signature respawn on getting a new worm hole connection has also increased. In general the pay out on relic and data sites suck. yes blue loot is nice was a lot nicer before some of these changes. The main point of the post was to bring attention to the current data and relic sites and the poor payouts and weird choice of what gets a red cores and larger grid with greater potential for stoppers. I am not kidding when I say I got or saw only 1 carbon and on hacking said can it was a large grid and had a red core. Mean while another can had an easy 8mil estimated value on contents and it had a medium size grid with a yellow core. In my option it would have made sense to have the red core and large grid on the 8mil estimate can and the smaller blue core on the can with 1 carbon

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Why not just fit a cargo scanner?

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I do. its still annoying to seem empty cans or cans with just 1 carbon or something ridiculous. Plus I like completing the site so it vanishes off the over view. when i see something stupid like that I just auto fail x2 to blow it up. But I dont want to see stupid stuff like that which is why I brought this topic up that relic and data sites need some love man :slight_smile:


I think you are complaining about something that is working exactly as intended. The rewards are supposed to be random and unpredictable. Your unusual preferences for clearing sites and feeling that things are “ridiculous” and “stupid” the way they are now should not require CCP to rework the game to indulge you.


the value of loot depends on the offer and supply on the market. So the problem is NOT to rework on the loot value. This is a player-driven market you know?
this morning i did a relic site with 95 Millions isks inside.
That’s the good thing with explo: this is an unpredictable activity
So no, no need to rework because you had bad luck


Or don’t cherry pick, which takes only slightly more time, but gives you a free mid slot for faster scanning/more tank, and more importantly, the chance of having the cleared site respawn in one of the next systems you visit. As an added bonus, the locals may be less bloodthirsty when they see your name appear.

Cherry picking is bad, don’t do it.


This is like complaining that dice only hit 6 part of the time and that you don’t like getting 1.

Working as intended.

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This is a bizarre attitude that I simply cannot understand.

Making ISK in Eve is still easy regarding this scarcity thing . It was just too easy to make ISK in this game already , tuning it down a bit it’s actually good and not a tragedy. There was a time in Eve , I just couldn’t keep up with the losses to burn through the ISK that was pilling in my wallet . I ended up flying blinged pirate battleships or T3c with midgrade implant sets in nullsec and still had plenty of ISK to replace those . In case you wonder I was doing smartbomb ratting at that time , paired with doing 10/10s , PI and trading. When I started the game PLEX (the 500 equivalent of today) was 200 mil ISK, and you could PLEX your account just in a 2 months old Drake doing level 3 missions in highsec.
Sure , over the time PLEX prices got inflated, but you also gained SP inflation , meaning that you can now farm a perfect zombie alt for SP and cut that PLEX price considerably.
Also , as already mentioned in their DevBlog , the current state is going to change over time and you’ll get “wealthy” easier .
I miss the days when a battlecruiser or battleship loss meant something , not like now when you lose a carrier or a super and it’s “already replaced” … and yet you speak of scarcity…

You mentioned diamond rats , triglavians and edencom ruining highsec , that is not true , there are very easy fixes for those.
Most of wormhollers actually asked for a wondering wormhole spawn buff , now they don’t like it ?! Surprised… Well , there is a saying … “careful what you wish for” .

Regarding relic and data sites. Well data sites could use some love there. Other than that they are what they are , the drops are … random… just like playing on a slot machine.
I think that if you would increase the drop table or chance to drop , it will actually make the situation even worse as the drops would simply just get devalued over time.

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A lot of time while exploring goes into searching for relic sites. Especially in valuable regions like Stain or Catch, it will take a while to find a site.

Finishing a site will make it despawn immediately, while a cherry picked site will stay for a while until it despawns. Despawned sites allow for new sites to respawn, possibly in the same system or in the next system you’re going to check.

This means that while you win some time by ignoring the lesser valuable cans in a site, you lose time searching for new relic sites that could have been there if you had just finished your sites.

Of course, this is also a matter of exploring in your own space or in someone else’s space. Littering your own space with cherry picked sites is bad practice and hurts your allies.

In case you’re exploring in enemy space you may want to intentionally cherry pick sites to hurt them. It still reduces the chance for you to find new sites, so it isn’t without downsides. And keep in mind that people will relentlessly hunt you down if you become known as ‘that cherry picking explorer’, more so than if you are just passing by. It wouldn’t be the first time standing fleet gets mobilised for a gate camp when a known cherry picker enters our space.


That’s the reason why I always finish a site.


My understanding of the respawn mechanic is that your chances are very, very minutely small of having the site respawn nearby.

From my experience some did , some didn’t . Should have made a chart on that to have the exact numbers and the chance to respawn close by , the respawn mechanic it’s still fuzzy to me.

How would you know if the site that respawned was the site you just cleared, or if somebody else cleared it in some other system?

I was doing those I a pretty much dead pocket in null and in my TZ there wasn’t a soul in those systems on a range of 10-15 jumps . Odds for someone else to do that were very slim .

Why is the 10-15 jumps relevant?