Level 4 low-sec data site yields 5m worth of useless loot

CCP, can some work be done towards the RNG nature of data and relic sites? This is a easily solves problem that greatly improves the content of the game. It is very lackluster and needing some attention.

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Making numbers bigger numbers does not improve the game.
Thats just the life of RNG, sometimes you strike it big, sometimes you dont.
The value of cans have more than just a price tag on them, with the heavier amount of people moving to nul salvaging, the value of salvage in cans have been dropping due to that.

Perhaps, but I am starting to see an increased incidence of unhacked cans yielding either nothing or a piece of carbon. Has a site (granted in HS) that out of 6 cans, 3 were empty, 2 had either only carbon or value sub 1k isk, and 1 had value sub 1m isk. I fully understand RNG, but my long term tracking numbers show something has changed.

A few days ago I looted an implant BP worth about 7B from a single data site. One trip, one data site, 7B, this is obviously way over the top compared to the relic site I did where I just got 30m. Concluding from that relic sites need their loot drop value increased by about a factor of 200!

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  1. your proposal is wrong: the value of what you loot is determined by the market and supply/offer. If CCP increases the numbers of looted items, their value will drop.
  2. you should not extrapolate from what you obeserved during a few days and think that somethg changed in the mean value of sites. Such topics regularly appear on this forum, and it is clear that you are submitted to the RNG law. I do explo every day, and for me, the mean value of the loot is the same as what it was 1 year, 2 years, 3 years ago. And some people somewhere else in New Eden probably think that the mean value of explo loot has increased
  3. if you want to earn more, and you are disappointed by data sites in low, then it is time to change your habits, to hack relic sites, go to do explo in null sec or wormholes, to do ghost sites, sleeper caches. Don’t ask CCP, like a deus ex-machina, to help you.

Fly safe and have fun


While I refuse to believe that the value massively dropped, I agree that the content for Data and Relic sites needs a bit of attention. For a long time now, Hisec and Lowsec sites are not really worth the time you put into them. There is rather few to find compared to Null and they yield less as they lack Ruins and Databanks (Red Core Containers). A solution would not be to just up the amount you get, but add rare rewards to normal data an relics sites with high demand (perhaps it would make sense to add a very low chance of finding Faction loot for the specific sites)

We need to nerf the loot drops, also disable cargo scanning so every can has to be hacked to know if loot. Way to OP as is 10m per hour losec scanning is isk faucet destroying economy.

Also to counter the faucet change inertia of astero so align time before fitting and with lvl 5 prop skills is like 9 second align/warp. Nerf the strat even more, a sub 2 second cruiser is just silly.

argeed. i went and did some… ccp are totaly out of touch. bordering on running this game into the ground. stay in high sec for data and relic. they screw over everything in low highsec and let the bots continue in null and high thats their idea of balance. ccp are not the company they used to be.

there needs to be changes of that i’m sure. if i was an investor i’d be looking very closeley, move in when the time is right. ccp know this they are just just biding their time and doing as little as possible.

Exactly what data site did you get that bp from?
I get this feeling it had nothing to do with typical data sites.

Did you just say 10m per hour in losec is too much per hour?

Its hard to take anything you say seriously after a quote like that.


Looking at the market of intact armor plates and the corresponding shield thingy, relic sites in Sansha and Blood Raider space are paying at record high (in ~3 years).

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