Why is data/relic loot nerfed as hell?

Hi guys,
I playing 3 explorer alts, one in Veal, one around Providence and one in Wormholespace. Around a week ago I realized that my daily loot value dropped by 70% which I get out of all data and relic sites. This I observed with all my 3 alts. The worst impact was on the sites in WH-space. First I thought, ok its bad luck, but till now I get of all sites not more than 10 mil isk…some even 5 mil. I don’t think this is a coincidence after nearly 2 weeks exploring. My friend explorer has also reported a strong negative impact on loot value in this time. Anybody else?

You’re completely right. CCP was tracking the isk value of the cans that you were getting and decided that you were making too much isk so they adjusted the drop rates to make sure you stopped getting so much isk.


It’s RNG.


Remember that AVERAGE value from relic site depends a lot on the pirate type.

eg AVERAGE sansha relic in WS is like 3 times(edit : actually 2.8 times ATM) more value than AVERAGE blood relic.
And then there is also the deviation. It’s RNG so it can be lower for some.

The value of exploration loot has crashed over the last year. I think Eve is in the middle of an economic depression as people leave the game. Less people are building stuff, so there’s less demand for exploration loot.

Guys, look at the dynamics of the loot price. You will see that all positions have sunk in price at least 2 times, some are much stronger. CCP did not touch the loot, it just fell in price.

One simple example. The main value of relics in the Sansha regions. From August 2019 to today, it has fallen in price from 7.12 to 4.45
and it keeps falling. and it will fall even more. because T2 salvage is now mined not only from relic but also from Triglav incursions, from EDENCOM wrecks now.

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i disagree
I think that more people are doing explo because of the nerf in ratting, mining, etc, which makes some prices falling down

If you compare to all time high. it will drop.

This. We are back to long year normals. Also a lot more people playing than a year ago, and as other incomes become more scarce, more go for exploration. Volume traded has gone up.


that’s also my opinion

So much has been nerfed, I honestly don’t know what is even profitable anymore.

Yeah, good times for people who don’t need more money. :wink:

With all the citadels going down and their loot, the market is flooded with recycled stuff. PI and salvage prices are in free fall, as well as everything Trig related because of phase 3.

Дело не в цене. Я тоже заметил, кол-во лута в relic упало очень сильно!
Из 30 аномалий лишь в одной ruins принесли больше 50кк. (Сканирую только Guristas). полторы недели назад лута было сильно больше!!!

can you do some effort and translate it in proper english, or move your post to the russian section of the forum?

It’s not just about the value. I also noticed a drop in in the amount of loot in relics.
Out of 30 anomalies, only one yielded more than 50mil. (I scan only Guristas). One and a half weeks ago there was much more loot!

Is what the gentleman said.

Personally I didn’t quite notice any change, had a sansha relic for 85mil the other day, and seem to get some 10-15mil per site average still (relic/datas both), which is just a bit less than before the prices for these loots started dropping.

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Question is: amount decreased or it’s only shift in market prices?

just look at drone receivers price: it was 2.5 M isks two years ago, now it is 500k

And how is that a CCP nerf? Supply vs demand.

Since last year we have huge influx of new players (and exploration is best SP/isk for them) plus easy access to exploration due to filaments. Supply of exploration materials increased but not demand so prices dropped.

Also, what I said earlier. 2019, was all time high point for most exploration stuff. So those prices are terrible benchmark.

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Lis i wrote in a post above that it is NOT a CCP nerf, but a higher supply due to more people doing explo

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maybe the tendency is going to reverse ?