Relic sites nerf?

Today i oprnrd 8 sansha relic sites and received 56кк ISK. Then I flew to other factions and did not find a anomaly more expensive than 10kk/

I just did a relic site now to test if this is true or not.
It isn’t true , relic sites are not nerfed. I just got 68 mil ISK from one today .
I will have to remind you that the value in them is random , there were days when i got just between 2-6 mil ISK per relic site.


Random is random.

One hour you get loot worth 200 million ISK. Next hour you get 0 ISK.

When you have a large data set you may be able to see from the trends if the relic site loot has indeed been changed, but 8 relic sites is by far not enough to say anything useful.


what area where you doing ? I spent last two days doing 0.1 - 0.2 and always get 2-3mil tops

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