Null Sec - Less Value of Dropped Loot and Harder Hacking?

Is it just me or have relic sites had the hacking mechanic made harder and the value of dropped loot reduced?

Perhaps it is just me :slight_smile: but I do seem to be less successful in hacking the cans and certainly less of the higher values items have dropped over the last few days :thinking:


Today after a longer period of time I visited low-sec and did some data and relic sites. For those I can say loot is probably nerfed. And regarding difficulty of hacking, I didn’t find it more or less difficult than half a year ago.

I came back to the game after a long time and I do see loot is odd in null well I was wormhole traveling.

Came back after a huge break myself. Don’t really find the sites any harder as they where.

As for the loot value… It probably dropped a little, since generally the value of those items decreased, since more people are hacking sites increasing the supply.

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Fair enough, must be just me being bad :smile:

One week without Intact armor plates. Not even ONE at Sansha’s relic sites.
Something definitely happened.

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don’t agree. I hack every day. Not more difficult than previously, and loot value is grosso modo the same. And yes, i also looted intact armor plates in sansha sites

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Yeah but people don’t understand that random number generation can lead to poor loot over long periods of time.

edit : I mean that as a thank you, not as a taunt to @Ieret_Mandrak . It’s difficult to have enough samples alone, and bad results make people focused on “I did everything correct, so it’s not me who fckd up”.

Yeah I can confirm, Not only did loot values drop significantly, the amount of doable relic sites has dropped.

The last 6 times I have gone out I have found more systems that either just had only gas sites and a few wormholes or sleeper sites. Level 3 relic and data sites aren’t even worth scanning down anymore because they are all forgotten and have sleepers now. I started playing this game a month or so ago and would consistently find level 3 sites and I would say 70 % of them were pirate factions that were hackable. Now I would say about 90% of them are forgotten with sleepers.

Just got done exploring, found 3 wormholes with 20 cosmic sigs in them. Wasted hours scanning them down just to find a crapton of gas sites and forgotten relic sites. Something is wrong when you find 15 gas sites, 4 relic sites and 3 data sites but they all have sleepers. I even found a sleeper cache but the Sleepers showed up before I was even done hacking the first can not even 3 minutes into the site.

Truth be told I’m considering quitting the game. I’m a chemist who aspires to work at NASA and eve has let me live my dream so to speak. Now exploration is not fun anymore. What am I supposed to do now? blitz missions or mine? Yeah no thanks, no wonder people bot so much in this game. I’ve probably wasted about 15 hours this week exploring and not finding crap. Not Fun.

I checked the historical price of drone transceivers and intact armor plates on and they’re still the same. I doubt that CCP nerfed the spawn rates of relic sites, otherwise the price of salvage would be going up.

@Lotsa Phoxes, exploration in wormholes is very hit-or-miss. Most wormholes will be devoid of hacking sites, but there’ll be a handful with 10+ sites in them, untouched.

Try to “base” yourself in a shattered wormhole, which spawns the greatest number of sites and connecting wormholes. Explore any wormholes branching from that system, and return when you want to logoff. When you come back the next day, there should at least be a few new sites to hack, and fresh wormholes to explore. Otherwise, try NPC null sec, which provides more regular exploration.

Yeah I realize I could just be very unlucky, but like I’ve said I’ve found some wormholes with 20 plus cosmic sigs in them and 15 out of 20 are just gas sites. I don’t get excited finding 13 plus sigs any more cuz i go hmm i bet they are all gas sites and I haven’t been wrong yet.

Honestly I make the most money now just rolling through null sec and I’ve found that stars with 2 or 3 cosmic sigs have at least 1 data site level 1 or 2. I guess bigger players ignore the data sites . But finding 10 million in each star at a data site is much better than scanning for 3 hours just to maybe find 1 decent relic site.

Idk man ill try the shattered wormhole life maybe it’ll be better.

I take it all back, 5 min into wormholing I found a wormhole with 8 relic sites and 3 data sites. Made it out with 193 mill all set and done. This game’s randomness is so cruel sometimes but so nice other times

that’s what is fun in explo and makes it so different from other non-pvp activities: you don’t know what you will find/earn in the next hours. The opposite from ratting/mining

What you describe is probably a consequence of wh activity generally being lower than it should be, with unoccupied holes not having their sites completed and therefore due to the backend distribution mechanic: all the sites start accumulating in a small pool of holes where they wait 3 days to despawn from timeout.

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I scan many hours a week for a long time and can definitely confirm two changes made to the data sites.
The adjustments made to relic sites are slight if there were any.

The first and most obvious change was the amount of Restoration Nodes and Virus Supressors that are being generated.
The second and hard to measure change is the nerfed loottable. I think the loot was reduced - and it isn’t just because of activity and auto-adjustment, but this is more an implication (the presumed loot nerf took effect at the same time the data site nodes were adjusted). Anyway a 60m nullsec datasite became a pink unicorn nowaydays.

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