Sansha relic site nerf?

Yesterday and today I’ve completed 7 relic sites in Sansha null-sec space. Before the September patch the total isk from that many sites would be roughly 350-550m. Instead I’m at 154m total. Most of the profit from Sansha relic sites comes from the Intact Armor Plates drop which seems to have been nerfed dramatically as I only have a total of 8 from the 7 sites. I do a lot of relic site hunting in Sansha null-sec space so I understand that the drop rates are variable, however, this seems to be more than just bad luck to me. Has anyone else noticed the same thing?

9 total Sansha relic sites in null-sec, 10 total plates, 220m in loot (from all items). I don’t know how other faction sites are working but I know I will be holding off on further Sansha explo as it’s no longer worth the time.

Yeah that seems low. I made the same in a couple of hours doing Serpentis Relic and Data sites the last few days–Sansha is usually way more.

Just wait until CCP changes Intact Armor Plates over to Blood Raiders and gives Sansha the completely devalued Capacitor Consoles.