Sansha relic site nerf?

Yesterday and today I’ve completed 7 relic sites in Sansha null-sec space. Before the September patch the total isk from that many sites would be roughly 350-550m. Instead I’m at 154m total. Most of the profit from Sansha relic sites comes from the Intact Armor Plates drop which seems to have been nerfed dramatically as I only have a total of 8 from the 7 sites. I do a lot of relic site hunting in Sansha null-sec space so I understand that the drop rates are variable, however, this seems to be more than just bad luck to me. Has anyone else noticed the same thing?

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9 total Sansha relic sites in null-sec, 10 total plates, 220m in loot (from all items). I don’t know how other faction sites are working but I know I will be holding off on further Sansha explo as it’s no longer worth the time.

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Yeah that seems low. I made the same in a couple of hours doing Serpentis Relic and Data sites the last few days–Sansha is usually way more.

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Just wait until CCP changes Intact Armor Plates over to Blood Raiders and gives Sansha the completely devalued Capacitor Consoles.

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This seems to be coming up more for me in the last couple weeks. Lots of red hack cans are coming up empty or sub 1M isk. I initally thought it was just the relic sites, but even the data ones have been very stingy isk-wise. Two Sansha relic sites and a data site barely got me over 20M.


CCP probably stealth nerfed it.

Yeah, that’s what I’m thinking too. They’ve said that they don’t like the number of ISK faucets there are in null so it wouldn’t surprise me if they nerfed the loot tables for explo sites. Maybe they feel that even though it’s inconsistent income, the top end was still too high.

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I’ve noticed this as well exploring in low and null (haven’t done any sites in high for awhile). I do all sites I find both data and relic as some nights even finding something that isn’t another wormhole or combat site can take awhile. Also finding a lot of empty cans after the hack too; especially in the level 3 & 4 sites .

TLDR; Exploring has probably been nerfed.

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I too have been getting a lot of empty cans or ones with maybe 100K ISK, predominately from red hack cans in level 3 & 4 sites as you mentioned. Stealth/cloaky nerf confirmed?

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Weird. The sites I’ve found in LS and WH Space have had pretty similar yields, but I haven’t spent a ton of time in NS recently. I need to look at the MER, but based on what I’ve seen both in-game and in the forums exploration is such a minor activity that it seems weird to try to eliminate the ISK trickle generated thereby.

If so, it’s like reducing the US estate tax–barely anyone pays anyway but the government gets to say they cut taxes? I don’t know.

I’ve often found that sites with two red level hacks only have one with a decent yield, however I still appear to be making roughly the same amount each week and can’t say I’ve seen a noticeable change in profits.

I tend to just sit on the worthless stuff and wait to see what happens with the market.

Is this where all of the people RNGesus hasn’t recently favored across a statistically insignificant value for N are gathering to complain?

If so, I had an invention job the other day that succeeded 0 out of 6!



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Are you a CCP Dev in charge of programming the code for the loot tables?

Whenever CCP adds new content, they constantly say they will keep a close eye on it and adjust it as needed. You seriously need to stop drinking their Kool-aid if you think they don’t do the same thing to existing content as well.

Now there’s an odd statistical anomaly: While a million monkeys mashing keys may eventually produce the collected works of Shakespeare, DMC will still never manage to produce a forum post that isn’t swill.

Enjoy your regularly scheduled tantrum, bb.


True but by the same token explorers have been posting “omg nerf?” threads for well, as long as exploration has been going on. In most cases even one individual is too small of a sample size to call shenanigans.

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The only swill here is the crap you keep posting in these forums.

Doesn’t matter if 100 people all posted the same thing, there’s always going to be someone saying it’s too small of a sample to know for sure.

And since none of us work for CCP, nobody can say that it’s actually being done or not.

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Rng meets Hilmars era of chaos, can someone get my foil hat please :eyes:

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LOL, the thought occurred to me as well. Would make sense and fit with some of the other changes to see how people adapt. I know it’s still a small sample size, but I’m still seeing far less and less-profitable loot from relic sites. Three more days of explo roams and I’m consistently getting 12M ish per site.

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