Cl1-3 archaeology sites. Still profitable?

As a new character I thought of doing one of my old hobbies of wh relic sites about 6yrs ago? Just as the mini-game was introduced…got 180mill from one once, tons of intact armour plates…are they generally the same?
It’s easy money for a noob as all you need is a spec ops ideally.

Intact armor plates drop only from Sansha sites, and are very profitable (still). There might be changes in a couple months, with reshuffling the loot tables.

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Any source for that ?

Supply and demand I suppose…when citadels came out, p4’s skyrocketed…sold wetware mainframes for 3.6 mill each…now probably a fraction.

reshuffling the loot table has nothing to do with demand.

You’re rather parsinimous…

I know how real economies work…not fictional ones…sorry to offend your tender feelings.

nobody gives a ■■■■.

I ask if there is a (valuable) source for the information provided, and you answer completely out of the topic.
It’s just a waste to correct you.

The Sansha and Bloodraider sites typically yield profitable results for me in C3s. Relic sites will usually get you more isk than data sites. I haven’t heard anything about the loot table getting shuffled or anything like that, but I’m pretty busy with IRL so I could have easily missed it. Try exploring for a bit to see if things seem the same to you would be my best advice. Happy hunting o7

just look in the mirror and you’ll remember them.

You are completely out of topic and when told so you start saying nonsense.

reported for insults.

With the shield slaves coming as a Sansha flavor, the intact armor plate drops will likely move to Blood Raider (Delve …)

Those implants come from the LP store and don’t require T2 salvage.

I mean it’s not like there had not been errors(malfunctioning shield emitter in serpentis ?) in the loot table for 10s of years now.

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