Alpha Heron is a great in the wormholes and I am not coming back out til this one is full! ! xD

Last year I used an Alpha Heron to hack 1.5 bil isk worth of loot. To see what, if anything, has changed I recently went back in with no intention of leaving WH space until the Heron is full, or dead xD At the end of each session I simply log out right there.
So far I have managed to scan and hack everything I have seen and now seem to have a shattered wh pretty much to myself, so it will be interesting to see how it goes in there xD
I am finding that relic sites still give far more loot than data sites (excluding ghost sites) even though the hacks are as hard and the time spent is the same. When I was roaming more I always left the data sites unless there was nothing else to do as they were too mong ‘on grid’ to be worth the risk.
Is there any sensible reason why Data sites should give so much less I wonder?

Alpha Heron’s Wormhole Van Life Part: 1 Setting Off


Supply vs demand. T2 salvage has better value than data cores

Data Cores originate mainly from Faction Warfare, not data sites. Decryptors are valuable but only on paper. Many don’t sell because they are not worth using due to downsides or price, others are cheap as they drop much more often but only have limited use-cases.

There are ways to make data sites more valuable. For instance, you could require all these faction manufacturing items like Armor Blocks, Trigger Units and so on for building faction ships. It would make these currently completely useless items (Yes, them being needed in Cosmos modules is useless) have a very important role and use cases, and it would make Data Site much more desirable to run instead of to be ignored.

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