Has anyone noticed the lack of Relic/Data sites in High Sec in the past 2 days?

I’m a regular explorer and recently started going around high sec looking for the new CMC materials.

Everything has been going very well in the beginning. Been finding a bunch of Relic/Data sites with the new materials as well as loads of Sleeper and Ghost sites.

Something happened a couple of days ago starting from May 4th. Found no Relic or Data sites in High Sec after checking around 15 systems. Thought it’s a whatever so continued today and the same thing happened. Checked around 20 systems and found nothing but wormholes and combat sites.

Speculating on reasons:

  1. Extremely bad luck
  2. After the update dropped something bugged out
  3. High sec was patched to spawn these site much more rarely

Have any of you noticed this?



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None of these. It’s:
4. Everyone else is out there running them because they read the patch notes too.

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Been doing highsec data sites exclusively for the past two days, had decent luck. Found backwater system with 3 data + 3 relic sites couple of times.

What Scoots said, more people are after them.

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The areas I’ve been in, I have seen quite a few. I would suggest pulling up Dotlan or the In-game map (whichever is easier for you to read) and focusing on systems/areas with low jumps. Avoid anything within ~10 of major trade hubs as its trafficked so much and those are picked quickly

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I find a fair number of sites in the area of space I usually look around but most seem to have been picked clean except for that one container with a lone carbon so if you are one of those people and you happen to read this please don’t leave the carbon alone or I have to notify CPS (Carbon Protective Services)


Cargo scanners can help determine contents of a can without having to hack it, so most people just didn’t bother hacking carbon cans.

data yes, along with wormholes and combat sites.

relic sites not so much.(safer to hack by a large margin)

Cargo scanner on your exploration ship means your ship fit is sub-optimal. You could be fitting a useful module instead in that slot.

As most time exploring is spent looking for sites, you could have fit a scanning upgrade instead to speed it up. Or you could fit modules there to stand a better chance in case of combat.

I am living in a border high-sec system, at it seemed to me like I have never seen so many hacking sites spawning one after the other.

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then go make that money and buy yourself some carriers or titans, im alpha so the best i can do is one of the 12 bs ships(13 with that sisters ship, +? if bothering to including the pirate faction ships), if i ever make the money for em

BlockquoteBeen doing highsec data sites exclusively for the past two days, had decent luck. Found backwater system with 3 data + 3 relic sites couple of times.

I agree - I’ve been doing heaps of expo in both high-sec and low-sec - there are just lots of people out there doing it

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