No relic or data sites in ns?

So ive done my share of exploring but this week has been awful so far.

Ive done about 300 jumps in lowsec scanning down every signature i could find and only combat suites, not a single relic or data site, what am i doing wrong?

Ive prevously keept to wh space but thought to be alittle more secure and go for ns, but i cant seem to find any sites?

And yes i jumped to ns from a wh and then just started scanning everything and jumping around between different areas. So maybe im doing something wrong since all the guides, youtube and forums seems to make good isk. Im at 0isk so far :frowning:

I always found that Null sec gets picked over very quickly. Consequently, you have to travel a lot to find sigs. OTH, lowsec is fairly empty. In my neck of the woods, there are plenty of sigs. Sometimes there are ten or more in our home system which makes it a pia. If you are not finding sigs in lowsec, its probably bad luck and rng.

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Okay, thanks! Ill check oit low sec then and see if i have better luck there :smiley:

Just bad luck, look for systems at the border of regions with low activity. Be aware that dronelands have no relics and special data sites which require a combat fit, and drop drone parts and BPCs.

the thing to remember about lowsec - it is fairly safe to operate in if you know what to do. Avoid station systems where there are lots of people as they are probably living in that system and have the sigs bookmarked, so the first you will see them is when they uncloak and point you. Get to know your neighbors - lowsec systems often have resident pirates - spend some time in the systems and you will know who is a threat and who is just passing through. Talk to the locals - even if they kill you - most of them are friendly and will happily explain why you died and what you can do better the next time.

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